new winter hats

I have been on a hat making craze, with the sudden chill in the air and the new yarn in my possession I sat on the couch and crocheted. Tea, couch and crochet the perfect remedy for a cold. I made hats for my boys (pictured here) made hats for the nephews (soon to be in the post boys), and spare hats for gifts for friends and family. I tried to make myself a hat three times but each time it was stolen by appreciative family members.

The pattern I made roughly follows these guidelines:

Crochet a chain of 3 and make a loop, then single crochet 9 stitches into the loop, the next row increase every stitch, the third row increase every third stitch, and so on – crocheting single crochet round and round, increasing incrementally to keep your round piece flat until you have a circle with a circumference that is approximately 1/3 the circumference of the recipients head. Its a very forgiving recipe, with the crochet stitches stretching quite a bit to fit a variety of head sizes. Once you reach this part, all you have to do it continue to crochet around and around, without increasing or decreasing at all until you have crocheted about 20 more rows – at this point try it on and see if it fits, add a few more rows as necessary then tie it off and weave in that loose end. I like the nubbly texture of single crochet – but some of these hats pictured I have used triple crochet which goes much quicker and adding ear flaps and pompoms are optional.

Some other people’s crochet hat recipes that might help you out:
double crochet beanie
baby beanie hat with ear flaps and very easy directions for beginner crocheters
single crochet hat – this is basically the design I use – so simple to make
here is a good design if you want to add a visor
another super simple single crochet beanie recipe
great skater beanie recipe

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  1. Kate says:

    Nice hats! Are you single crocheting (American)? I like that stitch for hats too, but I call it double crochet (Australian). We need an international standard for crochet stitch names!

  2. kirsten says:

    these are so cool!
    great colour combinations.
    hope they wear them till they fall apart. ;)

  3. kath_red says:

    oh dear – single crochet – as in one loop used – is that double in Au?

    and as for the yarn – its noro kochoran – a chunky silk/angora/wool blend with nubbly bits and thin and thick bits – very nice to work with

  4. kath_red says:

    and thank you dear Kate for patiently sitting with me and teaching me this method. Next onto to spinning.

  5. Dace Shugg says:

    I have a lovely Ashford spinning wheel waiting for you to collect
    love the hats and the boy hug

  6. Sue Niven says:

    The hats are wonderful.Love the colours you have chosen.

  7. christiane says:

    I am totally fazinated by this Babylon of Stich names! In the Uk the American singles crochets are double ones, and every other stitch is one up!
    great hat and in Noro they are no doubt a real treat!

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