Chocolate bean brownie recipe

Ok this is going to sound really weird – I thought so too when I first saw the genesis of this recipe at 101 cookbooks. I made that recipe exactly as it was (except for the agave nectar because I didn’t have any – I used a combo of maple syrup and honey instead) - and it worked really well – was delicious and had a wonderful texture – and as advertised – not a speck of beanie flavour. But because I like to tweak and I because I wanted to make this recipe a little faster and less fussy I changed it a bit – here is my version.

Chocolate Bean Brownies

  • 2 tins of black beans (or one tin of black beans and one tin of white beans) – drained and rinsed and then use a whiz ding to mush it to a pulpy paste.
  • 4 eggs beaten to a light froth
  • 3/4 cup of stevia powder (or a maple syrup and honey combo or agave nectar)
  • 3 tablespoons of cocoa powder mixed into a 1/2 cup of melted butter – make a paste.
  • 2 tablespoons of ground Linseed/almond meal or finely ground nuts/seeds.
  • 1 teaspoon of baking powder
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla essence

To make:

  • Mix your pulpy bean paste with the stevia powder, add the nut meal and baking powder and lastly the frothy eggs and use a whisk to mix it all together.
  • Place in a lined baking tin and bake for 30-40 minutes at a medium heat.
  • Leave in the tray to cool and then slice.

This is gluten free and sugar free (if you use stevia), so it is practically a health food. I love making these and giving them to the kids for breakfast – the healthiest chocolate snack you are ever going to find!




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  1. Andrea says:

    Looks good! Is that sweetened or unsweetened cocoa powder? I assume unsweetened, but thought I’d better check. Thanks!

  2. Annemari says:

    Oh, I really need to try this! So you didn’t use any chocolate for this? I just thought to ask because there’s a bar of it in the photo below the ingredients list. :)

  3. kath_red says:

    Hi Annemari and Andrea
    The first time I made this I used dark chocolate as per the 101 cookbooks recipe – and melted it with the butter then mixed it through. But when I adjusted the recipe I use unsweetened cocoa powder and mixed it with the melted butter. And it tastes just as good – if not better! And there is no added sugar in it.

  4. K Schlagel says:

    Please be specific when saying “tins” by defining the volume. These “tins” come in numerous sizes. What grade of eggs? Baking is about precision. The recipe seems divine but the lack of specificity is a challenge.

  5. kath_red says:

    Hi K
    Sorry for my lack of specificity – the tins used here are 400g tins
    The eggs are free-range and are of average size.

    This recipe however is very forgiving – and too much precision is not required.
    good luck

  6. Valerie says:

    What would you do to make this nut free? We can’t eat nuts around here, but I’d like to try this, it looks so good! Would you use flour? Oats? Flax?

  7. kath_red says:

    I have made this successfully without any nuts at all – but the LSA (Linseed, sunflower, Almond flour) adds a nice texture. If you can eat seeds – then you can get just ground linseed and sunflowers from a health food store and use that instead (or grind your own). I have also really successfully substituted coconut flour too – and it is delicious.
    Of course you can use regular flour (try wholegrain or quinoa or rye flour), ground flax would work too – certainly you could experiment with oat flour – I haven’t tried that.

    good luck

  8. Chris says:

    No salt? That is another plus!

  9. Amberlee says:

    was the powdered stevia you used truvia? If not do you know if I would use the same amount. thanks guys, this looks incredible!

  10. kath_red says:

    mmm not sure – see what it says on the packet – if it says to use the same amount as you would with sugar then yes – use the same amount as this recipe.

    But another way to check is by testing the raw cake batter – if it tastes good there – then that is a good indicator of sweetness

  11. Erin says:

    I’m inspired to try this, but don’t kid yourself about the no salt in beans. Unless you’re getting specifically NO Salt beans, there is usually a significant amount of sodium in canned beans. I know because my husband is on a salt-restricted diet and we’re constantly looking at the nutrition panel to see how many milligrams of sodium things contain. If you rinse the beans well, that helps.

    I’m still going to try this! Thanks!

  12. katie says:

    Can you be a leetle more specific about what “medium heat” is? I’d love to try these…!

  13. Lou says:

    How can this taste good?? :) I want to believe, but I am afraid to try! :)

  14. kath_red says:

    give it a go! what can you lose?

  15. kath_red says:

    180 degrees C

  16. kath_red says:

    thanks for the tip

  17. Chantelle says:

    Any idea what sort of a calorie/fat count this has? Would love to try, but am very limited as to what I can eat to stay within required calories.

  18. kath_red says:

    Sorry no idea!

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